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If you love and appreciate jewels that have a dark and brooding feel, then Goth jewelry is the way to go. Goth jewelry can be a great way to show your innermost thoughts and emotions. This is actually the best alternative for anyone who wants to make a statement about their feelings through accessories. There are different types of goth jewels available in the market today. This makes it quite difficult to determine which is the right gothic jewelry for you.

Skulls feature prominently when it comes to gothic jewelry. Most of them love skulls on their jewels mainly because of the way it makes them feel. Skulls are mainly considered as symbols that have been there for many centuries and centuries. The choices in gothic jewelry are abundant. If you want a jewelry that has unique dark gothic flair, then you don’t have to worry anymore because there are numerous options available just for you. These form of jewelry is diverse and varied, just like any other variety of jewelry available. Many of these gothic merchandise are made of pewter, sterling silver, and brushed tungsten.

Different Types of Gothic Jewelry

Gothic Rings

Jewelry that is suitable for goth, displays nothing but a rebellious vibe. This is ideal for anyone that wants to be different and take their own stand against anything or anyone that seem unpleasant to them. Rings like the punisher skull ring can be a good vessel for that kind of level of satisfaction. Below are some of the ring types to find in any gothic jewelry shop in the US that can be worn on any night event and will still offer the rebellious vibe you’ve been yearning for.

Gothic Skull Rings- There are the skeleton and skull rings that are featured with a gothic style to them. These skull rings come in varieties from crossbones rings to skull head rings and are often bright in color in order to offer you a happy and cheerful experience. The main advantage of gothic skull rings is that they don’t need polishing to maintain their gorgeous appearance.
Gothic Pentagram Rings- The word pentagram is derived from a Greek word pentagrammon, that means five lines. There are pentagram rings that have a unique gothic style that would work well with any gothic costume. These pentagrams can be on crosses, or in circles or even on the decorative gothic designs. This ring works great on any night out event.

Gothic Rings- These are the rings that are not categorized in any of the above categories. Many of these rings are made of high-quality materials and finishes. If you want anyone you come across with to know how deeply you’ve fallen for goth fashion, then putting on a gothic ring is the best option. Gothic rings make a good addition to any jewelry collection you have.

Gothic Earrings

Gothic earrings can either be sold as a pair or singly. This gothic merchandise is made in different styles just to suit your need. The styles include stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangling earrings and bangle earrings. These earrings can match with any gothic clothing or alternative clothing. You can make your loved one feel special by giving him/her a set or two of Gothic earrings.

Gothic Buttons and Cufflinks

For the ladies or gentlemen that would love to add a simple touch of gothic class to their night-out event, then gothic buttons and cufflinks are the way to go. These two items play a different role, so I’ll address them separately. Cufflinks are specifically designed to secure a woman’s or man cuffs together. They’re normally used on special or formal occasions when the worn shirt features cuffs and no button. Some might assume that cuffs are too small to be seen and you shouldn’t any more attention to them, but in reality, they’re an eye-catcher. There are different types of gothic cufflinks such as ones with crosses, skulls, and coffins on them.

There are also different types of buttons available for you. If you want to replace your buttons on any of your garments, you can do that as well. You can still wear them at night and they’ll be nothing but eccentric. You can style the cufflinks with dragon buttons, but buttons, razor buttons, coffin buttons and much more.

Gothic Belt Buckles.

In case you have bracelets, pendants or rings already, then going for belt buckles is the ideal option for you. There are numerous types of belt buckles that will not only awe you but will also offer you a gothic style in a uniquely different way. Gothic buckles are highly compatible with an assortment of other different bets, and you can also be offered several belt straps, including fabric and leather webbing, that will pair perfectly with other buckles as well.

Gothic Chokers

The choker is quite similar to the gothic necklaces. In fact, they play the same role. Gothic chokers are considered as an essential jewel piece that can go with any gothic clothing or costume. Gothic chokers are mainly made of quality metal collars or velvet with sparkling crystals and sometimes come with gothic pendants. They are designed to fit around your neck. There are different chokers out there to quench your Gothic thirst. Gothic chokers include Laced Web Chokers, Hell’s Gate Choker and much more.

Goth Watches

Gothic watches are made to watch over every moment of your time. These watches are styled differently to go with any night event. Some of these watches are very affordable and can be found in any gothic shop around the US. They have crystal movements and they come in different style and sizes. Some have pentagram symbols, razors, roses, skeletons and skulls that make-up the gothic watch.  They also go very well with gothic bracelets.


These are not the only goth jewels available in the market. There are numerous types of gothic jewelry available to suit all your need. From gothic hair accessories, pendants, and gothic phone cases, these gothic jewels are perfectly styled to go with all your gothic jewelry collection and can also be worn during the night to offer you nothing but pure happiness and enjoyment. If you love gothic jewelry that will offer you access to a whole subculture that is close to your personality, make sure to add some/all of the suitable pieces listed above. These gothic pieces can be found in any gothic shop in USA.

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