Why Goths Love Wearing Gothic Earrings

Ear piercing is not only an ancient tradition but also a fascinatingly cross-cultural that was carried out for all sorts of reasons including religious, persuasions, superstition, rites of passage, celebration or purely for aesthetic reasons. Before we jump into gothic earrings lets have a brief introduction on the history of ear piercings and many why Goths love wearing gothic earrings.

A Brief History on Ear Piercing and It's Importance to Goths

In ancient Egypt gold lotus blossom, shaped earrings were especially hot among the stylish crowd. Heading further South in Africa, the Maasai people who are indigenous to modern day Kenya have long practiced ear piercing as well. Moving East, ear piercings and even nose piercings have long been traditions in India. If we narrow our focus to Europe and the United States, the gender pattern of ear piercing starts off most notably among men. Famously superstitious sailors would pierce their ears with the belief that it would give them better long-distance sight.

Unmarried men who wanted to impress some maidens would wear super fancy jeweled earrings to catch their attention. Women at this time were also sporting earrings and if we move forward to the seventeenth and eighteenth century, pearl drop earrings, in particular, were popular among European and American women.Moving into the twentieth century, clip-on earrings have a game-changing moment starting in the 1920s. No piercing required. It's actually not until the 1960s when ear piercing becomes a common part of American girl/boyhood. The fast spread of ear piercing among young women in America is an example of the power of teenage culture which was certainly having a heyday in the 1960s.

Goths nowadays embrace ear piercing as one of the most common types of body modification. But before you bump into buying gothic earrings, it's important to understand your face type, and which is the right gothic earring to put on.

How to Pick The Right Gothic Earrings

Picking an accessory as per your face type isn't as easy as you think- especially when it comes to your earrings. There are some that enhance your look, and there are some that clearly don't. The first step to choosing the right accessory is determining your face type. Now, the four most common face types are heart shaped, oval, round or square. Here is a quick guide that will help you choose the right earring for the right face.

The oval face should go with larger styles or even dangling gothic earrings of any size works well. Just make sure they are not too long so it doesn't go beyond your chin. For a heart shaped face, a triangular gothic earring works well. You can also wear a tear drop earrings or circular gothic earrings. It's important to make sure they are wider at the bottom. For those with a round face, long simple earring or even chandelier earrings works great. For square shape, try hoop drop earrings or even tear drops.


As you've seen, the history of ear piercings comes a long way. Many goths nowadays are embracing this trend in different forms. Nonetheless, it's recommended to always have your earrings sanitized before you put them in your earholes.