Style Tip - Gothic Necklaces

The easiest and most simplest way to make a statement with what you're wearing, is to add a necklace. A necklace adds that special bit to your outfit. Having a simple Gothic necklace is a good investment in revamping your wardrobe. They're fit for any day/nightime occasion. You could have a t-shirt on and go out with this necklace and you will definitely get noticed for the right reasons.

So many of you don't know how to accessorize or mix their jewelry. I wanted to talk to you about Gothic necklaces because they are my personal favorite. I'd rather wear a simple but descent Gothic piece of necklace than any other jewelry. I'm going to show you how to accessorize around them.

How to Accessorize Your Gothic Necklace

First foremost a gothic necklace's best friend is a simple silver or steel studs. If you have a gothic necklace on just keep it super simple and small on the ears. I don't care what the necklace looks like, they always look good when complimented with simple studs. Some of these necklaces have an extender- a nice feature that enables you to make your necklace longer or shorter according to your neck size, and your type of shirt that you're wearing.

Dont Buy Them Before Trying Them

The first thing I would do when trying to accessorize a Gothic necklace, is to look at it and trying to figure out what tones and jewels are in it. After that I look for accessories that are similar to the necklace that I've chosen. So if you have a black gothic necklace you can pair it with a darker ring because it kind of complements it. If you want to go a little bit more glamorous you can keep it simple, sophisticated and refined by adding maybe a nice gothic ring possibly a bracelet that belongs to the same color family.

Since there's so much going on, you really want to complement with things that kind of look similar to each other. I would never put a big gold ring with this as it wouldn't make that much sense. You want to keep your gothic necklace as the star of your outfit and then you accent it with some little accessories to kind of pull together the whole look.


The place is around your face is very important. When you're out and about you're going to see and talk to different people. These people are going to notice what you're wearing around your face. Gothic necklaces are made of different types or forms. They're easier to wear every day. What I love about it is that you can mix your earrings, rings or bracelets and there's no rules to it. You can wear any different metal tones and it will work perfectly.