Taking Care Of Your Gothic Pendants

Have you ever have your favorite piece of Gothic pendant rusting away or worn-out? Worry no more. We're going to discuss some few tips that I came up with that will help you in taking care of your shabby pendant. Having a piece of this pendant can serve as sentimental reminders of either a person or a moment in our life. Here are some of the tips in maintaining your metal gothic pendant.

Always Remove Your Pendant When Performing Household Tasks

We of course want to cherish it and take good care of it o the best of our ability. The first thing I want to outline would be to make sure that you're always removing your jewelry when performing household tasks. So if you're going to be cleaning, gardening, washing dishes, laundry or even applying lotion or moisturizer to your hands you want to make sure you're removing your pendant. This is because with some jewels you'll see that the chemicals that you're using will cause the piece to tarnish a lot faster and could even cause little holes or crevices to develop. That can lead to a bacterial infection which can get pretty ugly so that would be a reason enough for you to want to take your pieces off.

Remove Your Pendant When Applying Perfume/Hairspray When are applying perfume or hairspray, make sure that you remove your jewelry because those two things tend to possess alcohol. You can alternatively use hairspray that doesn't contain alcohol, but the majority of them out there that we may be using contain alcohol. Alcohol will definitely cause your gothic piece to either tarnish a lot faster or cause those little holes and crevices to develop. Sometimes we may think that we're allergic to the piece of metal that we're wearing when it could actually be the alcohol and chemicals we use. This causes those little holes to develop and it can cause bacteria. You can use toothpaste or get a jewelry cleaner to clean the alcohol and other harmful chemicals.

Preventing Against Rusting

Rusting or corrosion is caused by oxidation when your jewelry comes into contact with atmospheric moisture and that can be from perspiration or just water in the air. There's a simple home remedy that I use to preserve my Gothic pendants and it works perfectly for me. All you're going to need is any clear nail polish from any brand and a pendant piece of any metal that you want to preserve. Apply the clear nail polish onto the surface of your jewelry piece. Wait for 5 minutes and rub it up. By sealing your jewelry with the clear nail polish it's preventing any atmospheric moisture to get into your jewelry and cause rusting.


Do you now believe how easy it is to preserve your stainless steel pendants? I was so stunned when I found these 3 tricks and they've definitely helped preserve my jewelry. This is a perfect way to save money. Make sure you're preserving the pieces that you love with these simple tips.