Why You Should Use Gothic Phone Cases

When you just drop $700 on a smartphone, you're almost obligated to treat it as your own child. For the most part, I think everybody should have a case on their phone. This is because as soon as you drop it, those good looks are basically ruined. They are hard to resell, and if you're like me and you like to keep your phone and use them in future, you want to make sure they are in good condition.

Benefits of Using Phone Cases

Many of us are unaware of the benefits of using phone cases as a result, they've consigned more than a few phones to early graves. So why do they do it? The most pretentious phone nerd reason ever: They don't like to cover up the designer's intent. They buy their devices based on how they look and feel in the hand. No matter how attractive the case is, putting any thing on top interferes with that. This is not a smart way to protect your smartphones. Don't be like this when it comes to phone cases.

Why I Love Gothic Phone Cases

For my devices, I tend to use gothic phone cases. I find them many attractive, plus they come in many different designs just to suit your needs. The advantage of having a phone case is that your device will have some more grip and you will be less likely to drop it. It also adds zero bulk and it gives a nice custom look. When I am out and about I tend to use a case. When looking for gothic phone cases, I would always go for a soft rubber material which is not too bulky, but at the same time is going to give some protection.

Another thing that I definitely look out for is a lip around the display. So if I was to drop my phone face first on a hard surface, which we all have done in the past, then it is going to have some form of protection. If you have a good case with a nice lip on it, you don't need to add a screen protector because it means when you lay the phone flat, you don't scratch the glass. The glass is already pretty scratch resistant so I never see a need to add a screen shield, especially since most phones have a curved glass at the edges.


I use a really nice gothic phone case with a good vampire design. It's not too bulky so it doesn't add to the thickness of the phone. You can also look for a gothic case that has a hybrid design. They have a hard shell on the outside since most of them have a rubber shell on the inside that provides some shock protection and it also seals up the phone so sand and grit don't get between the case and the phone to scratch it.