How To Stack Your Gothic Rings

Layering isn't just for your clothes. Layering your rings are the newest trend hit in the fashion game. For people who have tried the latest accessory style, you've probably wondered how you can stack your gothic rings without necessarily going overboard/overboard at all. Well, it may take some time to get it right, but its an easy trend that can levitate your outlay in an instant, if you get it right.

Tips For Stacking Your Gothic Rings

Stacking gothic rings is a common trend and fashion that is suitable for all fingers. If you have long fingers you can easily wear some more simple rings or even a bigger ring. If you have small fingers I prefer a thin ring and don't exceed the number of rings. The general rule suggests avoiding 2 big rings when if you have thick or short fingers. However, if you love chunky rings then you can go for a longer form that will give the impression that you have longer fingers. Here are some different tips on how to style your fingers with the gothic rings.

Start With Your Pinkie Finger

I've been stacking my rings for years. I think the best tip for people that have never stacked rings on their own before is to start on their pinkie. Start with one finger as your guide as sort of what you want for your look for the day or for the night and work your way in. To dress that up I love adding in something that has a dressier feel to it. It's just a way of dressing up the pinkie a little bit.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals can also be great for you. There's some reason I feel like there was a resurgence of mixing metals and that's why I love mixing metals on one finger. I think it's a fun way to sort of update your look. Another thing that I really love is wearing two fine rings on your thumb. This can be fun especially to people that are not used to really wearing a lot of rings. It's nice to leave your hands bare sometimes and just have something on your thumbs, plus it's always a good conversation piece. People will notice them for some reason, however small the rings are. They're an instant conversation piece that can be fun and different.


Another thing that's really fun in layering and stacking jewelry is doing alternating colors especially if you just want to wear a singular color and something minimal. You can wear a single piece of gothic ring on your ring finger and you're good to go